Verizon x Netflix 


Worked on several Verizon ‘More’ broadcast spots at both And/Or & Los York, setting the look and feel of the campaign for the agency, 140 with the Netflix x Verizon spot.


This particular spot launches Verizon’s immerging partnership with Netflix offered on FioS, highlighting many of the award-winning, critically-received and crowd-pleasing shows. The overall campaign also featured many rewards offers, popular movies and cable channel content in a fun, zippy editing style, using premium content from said brands and channels.


︎Production Studio: And/Or
︎Agency: 140
︎Brand(s): Verizon, Netflix

Campaign edited at: And/Or + Los York
Location: BK/NYC
Distribution: Broadcast
Number of videos: 3 heros edits
Campaign :30 + :15 cutdowns + varying offers
Edited on: Adobe Premiere